We are a young and award-winning studio, formed by four members and based in Barcelona. Starting from our love for videogames -and many other forms of art-, we are creating our first project: Etherborn.

Our name is Altered Matter, and our goal is to use entertainment as a vehicle for artistic expression.

  • etherborn video game videojuego altered matter team indie 3D

    Samuel Cohen Kellner

    Art Lead | Game Design

  • platform plataforma puzle puzzle navegation navegacion exploration exploracion gravity artistic low poly development

    Carles Triviño Massó

    Programming Lead | Game Design

  • developer barcelona indiecade azplay gdc e3 egx themix gamelab gamebcn upc ign gamereactor us gamer edge alphr hobby consolas consoles

    Alexa Escudero Pérez

    Art | Project Management

  • pc playstation xbox nintendo switch witness fez echochrome mario galaxy odissey journey rez monument valley

    Gabriel Garrido García

    Music & Sound FX